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There are many reasons why a person may be missing teeth, either from an accident or from a dental infection. Missing teeth can affect your physical, social and psychological well being. Replacing teeth have the potential of enhancing your appearance, improve your chewing and help with speaking. There are a few tooth replacement options available.

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Dental Implants

A dental implant can offer a solid, long-term replacement for a tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implant treatment often involves multiple stages over several months. However, many people choose dental implants, because they are similar to natural teeth and they are the most durable.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge works by permanently attaching a false tooth to one or both of the remaining adjacent teeth. There are several types of dental bridges and their material can vary depending on the tooth position and situation. A dental bridge can cause extra pressure to the adjacent teeth it fixes to. This in turn can damage the adjacent teeth long term.


Dentures are removable teeth that are not fixed inside the mouth. They can be made for one tooth, multiple teeth or all your teeth. Their appearance is very natural and it is a cost effective way of replacing missing teeth. However, when you first try to eat and speak with dentures it can feel strange. You may take some time to get used to wearing dentures, but after an adjustment period they should begin to feel comfortable and natural.

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