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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics at our Burgess Hill clinic is the specialist branch of dentistry responsible for diagnosing, preventing, and treating irregularities in the development and alignment of the teeth and jaws in both children and adults. Teeth straightening and bite correction fall under the specialty of orthodontics.

To join the General Dental Council specialists’ register for orthodontics in the UK, an orthodontist must have attended university for at least five years to qualify as a dentist, followed by three additional years of specialist training in orthodontics.

A specialist orthodontist will normally dedicate their practice exclusively to diagnosing and treating orthodontic problems with appliances such as fixed “train-track” braces or clear aligner systems, with Invisalign being the best know example of this.

Specialist training equips the orthodontist with the knowledge, skills and experience to deal with the more severe and complex orthodontic problems and they will have many different appliances and techniques at their disposal.

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