Ambition was key to creating a wonderfully unique place to meet and treat our patients. Read on to learn how we did it.

The concepts behind the clinic

Our objective was simple:

Create a warm and welcoming space where our patients, our staff, our specialists, our students and even the Postman, leave feeling positive and uplifted. To do this, we had to carefully consider several aspects of our clinic.

Autumn, Weald of Kent
Benjamin Haughton (1904)

It is well known that observing nature relieves stress, boosts health and promotes wellbeing. Using this as a starting point Szczepaniak Teh drew inspiration from the local Mid Sussex area’s history as an oak woodland. This is depicted beautifully in a painting entitled ‘The Autumn, Weald of Kent’ by Benjamin Haughton.

As well as its striking soft umber tones and rich texture, you can almost feel the cool breeze, hear the crunch of leaves underfoot and smell the natural earthy scents. The aim was to create a space that encapsulated these sensory qualities within the comfort of a therapeutic sanctuary.

Autumn, Weald of Kent
Benjamin Haughton (1904)

The entrance is defined by a reception desk that embraces you as soon as you enter the space to help create the feeling of safety. It has a bark like appearance, constructed from the famous Keymer roofing tiles that have been made in the local area for over 200 years. It is a high desk so that you are welcomed by someone from the team at eye level rather than having to peer over the top of a computer screen.

Neyo Dental Specialists

The main lounge is located next to three large windows allowing you to feel the full benefit of mood-lifting natural light. This space is teaming with life, texture, colour and organic shaped furniture, reminiscent of a dispersed forest floor.

The informal arrangement accommodates a versatile range of uses whether enjoying a drink while waiting for your appointment or having an informal discussion with a member of the team.

The space can also be reconfigured to hold open days and education events for the dental community.

A more intimate lounge is located at the rear of the building, offering a space for private recovery following more complex treatments offered at the practice.

This space also has a private entrance and exit to the rear carpark, so you can avoid having to walk back through busier spaces.

Local resources of the highest standard, in harmony with the surrounding area.

We pledged that this project should utilise natural and healthy building materials. This is in stark contrast to the existing building that was found to be riddled with harmful asbestos throughout its walls, ceilings and floor.

New walls and ceilings use a 100% pure and natural clay which has many soothing properties. The clay helps absorb and dampen sound between spaces, removes pollution from the air, maintains luminance and minimises glare.

A light coloured end grain timber flooring exposes the rings of the tree trunk, giving you a greater connection to the material’s origin and history. Sourced from a sustainable, managed forest, the timber floor is a certified FSC product and is finished in a natural oil containing probiotics which gives the floor self-cleaning properties.

Fundamental to the layout is a circulation loop that allows a seamless flow around the practice. The corridors borrow natural light and views through the practice and you are always connected to a larger open area.

The connecting spaces have generous proportions to encourage conversation with the clinical team as you move through the practice, to help you feel at ease.

In our attempt to create a positive and calming environment we have created something very special and that will transform how you experience a visit to the dentist.

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