Wisdom Tooth Coronectomy

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60 minutes




1-5 days

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Prevent or treat dental pain

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A Wisdom Tooth Coronectomy involves removing the crown of the lower wisdom tooth, leaving the roots in the gum. Common reasons to remove only the wisdom tooth crown include: Pericoronitis or tooth decay to the wisdom tooth or the adjacent tooth.

The roots of most lower wisdom teeth are close to a nerve in the lower jaw called the inferior alveolar nerve. The reason to leave the roots behind is to minimise complications to this nerve. However there is a risk that the remaining roots become infected and have to be removed in a second treatment.

During your appointment a local anaesthetic injection will be placed into the gum next to the wisdom tooth being treated. When the gum and tooth are completely numb a small cut is made in the gum and a surgical drill is used to remove the wisdom tooth crown. A few small stitches are placed into the gum to help healing.

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Frequently asked questions

What will I feel during a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

A local anaesthetic injection is placed into the gum next to the wisdom tooth being treated. This will feel like a small sharp scratch or pinch, after which your gum and tooth will be numb. You now will not feel any pain during the treatment.

The numb sensation feels tingly or heavy around the teeth being treated including  lips, chin, cheek or tongue. You can feel a sensation of pressure during the Wisdom Tooth Coronectomy which is not painful. A surgical drill is used where you will feel and hear some vibration and noise.

How long does the treatment take?

The time spent during a Wisdom Tooth Coronectomy is approximately 30 minutes and the total treatment time is 30-60 minutes.

Will I have to take time off work?

We recommend taking the rest of the day off work and you may require an additional 1-5 days off work.

What can I expect afterwards?

The numb sensation generally lasts 2-4 hours. We do not recommend you chew any food or drink hot drinks while you are numb to prevent you from chewing your lip, cheek or tongue and burning your mouth. You are able to drink water straight after this treatment.

Some minor bleeding after treatment is normal. If this persists, apply pressure by biting firmly down over the treated area with a gauze swab or clean handkerchief for 20-30 minutes. There can be some slight bruising and or swelling which usually settles after 3-5 days after treatment. Stitches will dissolve after 7-10 days.

Will I be in pain afterwards?

It is common to feel some soreness after this treatment. We recommend taking a pain killer straight away, while you are still numb. We recommend Paracetamol and/or Ibuprofen, which is available over the counter. Taking pain killers will help prevent any immediate discomfort or pain. Every individual will experience a different level of soreness and so you may need to take pain killers for the next 1-5 days after treatment.

Can I be sedated for this treatment?

Yes. Sedation involves giving you medicine into a vein via a small cannula that makes you feel sleepy and relaxes you both physically and mentally. This medicine is given to you by an Anaesthetist or a Dental Sedationist. You will need someone to take you home afterwards.

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