What to expect from your time with us, and how we’ll guide you through your treatment

What you can expect

Your Implants journey at Neyo

Detailed assessment

Your personalised plan

Surgical treatment

Prosthetic treatment

Maintenance plan

Step One

Meet Your Implant Specialist

Whenever you are considering replacing teeth there is always a personal story. Our priority is to listen to you and understand any concerns you may have. We take a detailed record of your mouth and gums. If needed we will use our Orthophos S 3D by Sirona, which is a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) machine for a 3D image. Its cutting edge technology provides the best 3D image quality at a low radiation dose. We offer a 100% 12 months guarantee on all the dental implants at Neyo Dental Specialists.

Step Two

Your personalised treatment plan

Using your detailed assessment we will create a bespoke treatment plan taking into account your desires and wishes. You and your regular dentist will receive a detailed report which will outline all the information relevant to your treatment.

Step Three

Surgical Treatment

Most implant treatments start by removing any decayed, infected or broken teeth. We allow your body to heal after this, which usually takes 6-12 weeks. At this stage the foundation of the dental implant is placed under the gum. You can feel a sensation of pressure with water and gentle vibration, but it is not painful. Recovery usually only takes 2-7 days.

Step Four

Prosthetic Treatment

Once the foundation of the implant is placed under the gum we allow your body to accept and heal around the implant post, which usually takes 8-12 weeks. The implant is checked to make sure it is stable and usually at this stage your regular dentist will take over and finish your treatment by creating a new beautiful tooth.

Step Five

Maintenance Plan

When there is a complication with a dental implant it can be difficult to correct. It is recommended you see a hygienist regularly to maintain healthy implants. It is also essential you have your implants specifically checked by a specialist practice so any problems can be caught early. There are maintenance plans available at Neyo Dental Specialists, so please ask one of our members of staff.

We hope you’ve learned a little more about how we’ll work with you and look after you along the way. You can always contact us for any more info you may need.

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