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Retainers Treatment in Burgess Hill

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All ages

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Long term maintenance following orthodontic treatment

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Usually permanent

Not suitable for

Fixed retainers difficult if there are crowns or bridges.

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Retainers in Burgess Hill information

We provide orthodontic retainers to our patients in Burgess Hill to maintain their teeth position after orthodontic treatment is complete. Retainers are typically used after braces, Invisalign or any other orthodontic appliance has been removed to keep the teeth in their new positions and prevent them from shifting back to their original positions.

Retainers are necessary because after orthodontic treatment, the ligaments and bone tissue that support the teeth need time to adapt to the new position of the teeth. Without retainers, the teeth may gradually shift back to their original positions, which can lead to a relapse of the orthodontic problem.

In addition to this, teeth are susceptible to movement throughout life, whether or not you have had orthodontic treatment. For someone with crooked teeth, this movement may not be noticeable. For someone who has completed a course of orthodontic treatment, and who has perfectly straight teeth, small amounts of movement later on in life will be more noticeable. For this reason, we advise permanent retention for all of our patients.

There are two main types of orthodontic retainers: removable and fixed.

Removable retainers (also known as vacuum formed retainers or Essix retainers) are made of clear plastic and are custom-made to fit the patient’s teeth. They are designed to be worn for a specified period of time each day, typically at night while sleeping. Removable retainers are easy to clean and maintain and are usually very comfortable.

Fixed retainers (also known as bonded retainers or permanent retainers) are permanently attached to the back of the teeth using a composite bonding technique. They are made of a thin wire that is custom made in a laboratory and bonded to the inside of the front 4 or front 6 teeth. Fixed retainers are designed to remain in place permanently, although they may need repairing or replacing every few years.

After the first week or two, you will not be conscious of the fact you are wearing a fixed retainer. They are smooth, low profile and easy to get on with. Unfortunately flossing is not possible between the teeth to which the bonded retainer is attached, so interdental brushed are recommended to clean between those teeth.

At Neyo, we aim to provide all our orthodontic patients with both fixed and removable retainers after every course of treatment. In our experience, this belt and braces approach is the safest long-term option to minimise movement of teeth in the future.

Treatment Prices

Orthodontic Retainers Burgess Hill Cost

At Neyo, clarity and honesty are at the forefront of our services. Any fees for treatments would likely be confirmed at the consultation stage, but we can provide this generalised breakdown of cost:


From £150

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Retainers FAQs

Can I come to Neyo for new retainers if I had my orthodontic treatment elsewhere?

We understand that it may not be possible for you to return to your original orthodontist. We will be more than happy to meet you and discuss you retainer requirement, carry out repairs and provide replacement retainers.

What if my fixed retainer breaks?

Fixed retainers provided by our orthodontic specialist at Neyo come with an industry leading 3 year guarantee. You are advised to book an appointment immediately if you have any problems with your fixed retainer.

I grind my teeth and keep chewing through my removable retainers. What do you advise?

There may be alternative options that incorporate stronger materials. We will be happy to talk you through the options. 

My child had braces on the NHS and they were only given removable retainers. Can I bring them to you for fixed retainers?

Yes, absolutely!

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