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Denture Repairs in Burgess Hill

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1 to 6 hours

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any problem with partial or full dentures

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Although made of durable, hard-wearing materials (such as acrylic or chrome cobalt metal), dentures can sometimes become damaged if dropped or not maintained properly. To keep your dentures looking good and feeling comfortable, you may need your dentures repaired or relined.

Denture repairs are best performed by a qualified denture technician, using materials that will not cause gum irritation or damage sensitive gum tissues in your mouth.

Our on-site denture technician can inspect your denture and advise any work that may need doing on it to keep them feeling and looking their best.

This article will look at:

  • What should I do if my dentures break?
  • Types of denture repairs 
  • Can I repair my dentures myself?
  • How long do denture repairs take?
  • How much do denture repairs cost?
  • How to look after dentures


What should I do if my dentures break?

If your dentures break, you should contact us immediately to arrange a repair. We advise you not to wear your dentures whilst broken, as continuing to wear your denture may damage it further, and can also cause damage to your mouth.


Types of denture repairs

Your dentures may need fixing by a technician for a variety of reasons, including:

  • If they are broken or cracked
  • If they are chipped, cracked, or missing teeth 
  • If the metal clasps are broken
  • If they are loose-fitting
  • If they need strengthening
  • If your denture needs cleaning and/or stain removal

There are different types of repairs for different issues you may be facing with your dentures.


Simple denture repair

A simple denture repair is needed when your denture has broken or cracked. Bring your denture to our denture clinic where we will assess the damage and advise if your denture is repairable, how long the repairs will take, and how much the repair will cost. This applies to full dentures, partial dentures, metal dentures as well as plastic denture repairs.


Denture reline

A denture reline adjusts the fit of your dentures. During the procedure, an impression of your mouth is taken while you wear your dentures. Using this impression, the denture technician can adjust the base to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. The entire process is completed with 2 same-day appointments.


Denture rebase

Denture rebasing is usually required after wearing the same set of dentures for 5 or more years. After this time, the bony ridges of your gum may have receded, creating discomfort or misalignment in your set of dentures. A denture rebasing replaces the base of your dentures with a new base that fits on top of your gums.  This can be undertaken in a day.


Denture adjustment

Denture adjustments may need to be made if changes in your mouth mean the dentures have started to rub or cut into the gum tissues. Your denture technician will be able to diagnose the problem, localise the area and trim the denture to relieve any points of pressure. This type of service is often undertaken during the appointment, taking less than an hour to complete.


Denture addition

Due to a variety of factors, accidents, or illnesses, you may lose a tooth. If this happens, you can have a tooth added to your existing denture rather than having a new denture made. The process is much quicker than making a new denture and can be completed in less than a day.


Can I repair my dentures myself?

We recommend always getting your dentures repaired by a qualified denture technician, rather than attempting to fix any issues yourself. 

Broken, split, or chipped dentures cannot be repaired with ordinary household glue, and doing this puts you at risk of ingesting toxic substances that may irritate your gums and make you ill.

It takes a lot of training to become a denture technician and to learn how to correctly and accurately repair a denture. If you decide to fix your dentures, there’s a high possibility you may fix them in the wrong place, causing poor bite or fit, pain, and discomfort. 


How long do denture repairs take?

We understand how important feeling comfortable and confident is, so at Neyo, we aim to have your denture repaired and back to you in the shortest possible time. Some repairs may take longer than others, depending on the type of repair needed. 

  • Simple denture repair – 1-3 hours
  • Complex denture repair – 2-4 hours
  • Addition of teeth – 2-4 hours
  • Denture reline or rebase – 3-6 hours
  • Denture deep cleaning – 2 hours

Our clinical dental technician will advise how long it will take to repair your denture once they have assessed the repair needed*, with some dentures able to be repaired in as little as 1 hour.

*All repairs must be pre-booked. 


How much do denture repairs cost?

At Neyo Dental Specialists, denture repair prices start from £130 and include all the necessary appointments to get your denture back to full working order as quickly as we can.

  • Simple Denture repair– from £130
  • Complex Denture repair- from £150
  • Addition of teeth – from £160
  • Denture reline or rebase – from £190

Denture deep cleaning– £50 per denture


How to look after dentures

Following some simple steps can help you extend the life of your dentures:

  • Keep your dentures cleanafter each meal, where possible, remove your dentures and run water over them to rinse off any leftover food particles.
  • Handle with careWhen you are handling your dentures outside of your mouth, place a towel on your sink to give them a soft landing if they accidentally slip out of your hands or mouth.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning materials – avoid using toothbrushes with stiff bristles, and strong cleansers, such as bleach, and toothpaste, as they can cause significant harm to your dentures.
  • Visit your clinical dental technician yearly for maintenance – it’s important to schedule a yearly appointment to ensure the health of your gums and that your dentures still fit correctly.

Regular denture check-ups and at-home cleaning routines can help prevent any small issues from becoming bigger and will extend the life of your dentures.

Contact us by phone or pop in for a chat at our clinic in Burgess Hill, Sussex for a free denture consultation to assess your options and decide the best steps for you and your teeth.

You can learn more about our other denture treatments on our treatment page.

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At Neyo, clarity and honesty are at the forefront of our services. Any fees for treatments would likely be confirmed at the consultation stage, but we can provide this generalised breakdown of cost:

denture repairs

from £130

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