What to expect from your time with us, and how we’ll guide you through your treatment

What you can expect

Your Periodontic journey at Neyo

Detailed assessment

Your personalised plan

Periodontal treatment


Maintenance plan

Step One

Detailed Assessment

Our priority is to listen to and understand any concerns you may have. A detailed map of your gum health is recorded which involves measuring gum pockets, tooth movement, gum shrinkage and bone levels. We will discuss the causes of your gum problems and ways in which you can help heal your own mouth.

Step Two

Your personalised plan

Using your detailed assessment we will create a bespoke treatment plan taking into account your desires. You and your regular dentist will receive a detailed report which will outline all the information relevant to your treatment.

Step Three

Periodontal Treatment

A course of gum treatment is usually divided into 2 sessions. During your appointment we use a local anaesthetic and the most advanced ultrasonic equipment, the EMS Airflow® Master with temperature control, to remove plaque and calculus above and below the gumline into the gum pocket.

Step Four


After your gum treatment we give you mouth at least 2 months to settle and heal. In the vast majority of cases complete gum health is achieved and our aim shifts towards maintaining a healthy mouth. Occasionally there may be some residual areas of gum disease. These specific areas are assessed whether they are suitable for advanced gum treatments such as Periodontal Surgery or Periodontal Regeneration.

Step Five

Maintenance Plan

This part of your treatment journey is the most important. It is recommended you see a hygienist regularly to maintain a healthy mouth. The ideal interval for most people with a history of gum problems is every 10-12 weeks. It is also essential you have your gums specifically checked by a specialist practice so any problems can be caught early. There are maintenance plans available at Neyo Dental Specialists, so please ask one of our members of staff.

We hope you’ve learned a little more about how we’ll work with you and look after you along the way. You can always contact us for any more info you may need.

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