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Neyo Pro Align

Treatment Outline

Neyo Pro Align


Less visible than Invisalign and fewer attachments


Designed and manufactured onsite

used to treat

Crooked teeth, gappy teeth, orthodontic relapse, underbites, crossbites and overbites

treatment time

1-24 months depending on complexity

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Neyo Pro Align information

What is Neyo Pro Align?

Neyo Pro Align is our very own clear aligner system designed and manufactured onsite at our Burgess Hill practice. Our aligners are lovingly handcrafted by our specialist orthodontic team allowing a superior level of customisation. This personal approach means you can expect exceptional results in the quickest and most comfortable way.


Outstanding Treatment Outcomes

There are now an overwhelmingly large number of options when it comes to teeth straightening with aligners. There are hundreds of companies to choose from and it can be hard to know where to turn. The experience and expertise of the dentist or orthodontist offering treatment varies enourmously, and some options involve very little input from a dentist whatsoever!

With Neyo Pro Align you should feel completely reassured that your orthodontic treatment will only ever be done by a specialist orthodontist. Specialists have done a minimum of 3 additional years of training in the field of orthodontics, and spend all day every day straightening teeth with braces and aligners.


How Neyo Pro Align compares to Invisalign

Neyo Pro align works in a very similar way to other aligner systems such as Invisalign. There are however a few key differences:

Fewer Attachments

Neyo Pro Align is trimmed in a way that allows the aligners to grip better to the teeth. This means that attachments are used far less frequently than they are with the Invisalign system. Fewer attachments mean more comfortable and even less visible.

Less Prone to Staining

We print our models at a very high resolution so Neyo Pro Align aligners are smoother and clearer than Invisalign aligners. Neyo Pro Align is therefore less visible and does not discolour in the same way Invisalign aligners do.

Quick Turnaround

How quickly do you want to start your treatment? Neyo Pro Align aligners are designed and manufactured onsite in Burgess Hill, meaning we can have your aligners ready in no time at all, without having to reply on postal services. For Invisalign, the aligners are designed and manufactured in North America so any new set aligners typially take 3 weeks to be delivered.

Fully Customisable

When it comes to designing your aligners, our imagination is the only limit. We can tailor your aligners to accomodate very specific treatment goals we may have. We may alter how the aligners are trimmed, and we can vary the aligner stiffness and thickness depending on what stage of treatment you are at. Neyo Pro Align can easily be used in combination with other orthodontic appliances, and we regularly combine Neyo Pro Align with other treatment modalities to get the very best result possible.

In constrast, when using Invisalign, we are bound to the constraints imposed by the company and there is only one choice of material for the aligners.


Aftercare With Neyo Pro Align

Achieving a beautiful smile with successful orthodontic treatment is fantastic but it is just as important to us that you maintain the result long term. All of our treatment plans are fully inclusive of fixed (permanent) retainers, removable (night-time) retainers and 3 years of aftercare. And it doesn’t stop there. We love to keep in touch with our patients and support you in maintaining your amazing smile! If you want to continue annual retainer reviews with our specialist orthodontist, you can do so for as long as you wish.


Tooth Whitening With Neyo Pro Align

One of the benefits of fewer attachments is that you can start professional teeth whitening DURING your orthodontic treatment instead of waiting until the end and prolonging the process. Simply talk to our team about purchasing a profeassional whitening top-up kit sold at Neyo Dental Specialists, saving you £££s.


How To Get Started With Neyo Pro Align

The first step is to book a consultation with our specialist orthodontist. At this appointment, we will discuss your concerns, examine you and your teeth, take any necessary scans and X-rays and prepare a treatment plan for you.

Rest assured that the quote we send you after the consultation is fully inclusive with no surprise add ons thrown at you along your orthodonic journey.

Simply call us or make an online enquiry and our friendly team will be happy to help.

Treatment Prices

Neyo Pro Align Cost

At Neyo, clarity and honesty are at the forefront of our services. Any fees for treatments would likely be confirmed at the consultation stage, but we can provide this generalised breakdown of cost:




from £2490

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