How Neyo came to be, and how two men were driven to create something utterly unique.

The Story (So Far)

The story begins on a cold, dark November morning in 2011. A fresh-faced Neil and Yogi stood on platform 3 Hove station, waiting for the 07:11 train to take them to London Bridge.

They shared a dream on the train about how, one day, they would open a specialist dental practice together.

But no ordinary practice…

Details to the highest of standards

It would be somewhere that patients actually enjoyed coming to. They would get amazing specialist dental treatment, the best money could buy. The advice they received would be so refreshingly open and clear, they would leave feeling empowered and in control.

The experience would be unique and unlike anything else they have ever experienced in a dental setting.

This practice would be a dream to work in. It would be a beautiful space that Neil, Yogi and all the staff would look forward to walking into every day. Everything would work. Everything would flow. They would have all the toys and gadgets that would be the envy of any nerdy dentist.

Modern, expertly designed features

The staff would feel well looked after and would love working there. The waiting area would be flooded with the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. There would be a buzz around the place.A vibrant energy. An environment that oozed positivity.

Fast forward 10 years, several exciting jobs, time living abroad, wedding bells, children, dogs, cats, and a few grey hairs later, the stars finally aligned, and an opportunity presented itself for Neil and Yogi to fulfil their dream.

The timing was perfect, the property was perfect, the location was perfect. Neyo Dental Specialists were founded, and the adventure began.

2022 - Work begins

The transformation underway

Having acquired a vacated Natwest Bank in Burgess Hill in 2022, they had their work cut out to turn it into a dental practice.

Neil and Yogi began assembling a team of experts whose prior experience had mainly lay outside of the dental industry.

Whether it was the architecture, interior design, website design or joinery, this was a unique mix of individuals and businesses who would bring a fresh approach to dental practice creation.

The team have allowed Neil and Yogi create a very special environment where every detail has been meticulously considered to make sure that your experience with Neyo is a truly magnificent one.

So, with the doors open we look forward to inviting you to Neyo to witness a dream that two young dentists had on a train to London many years ago.

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