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Healthy Implants

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Maintaining healthy gums around Implants is difficult and often impossible without professional help. Having your Implants professionally cleaned regularly allows you to keep your Implants healthy. These essential maintenance sessions can intercept and identify possible early issues, therefore preventing potentially painful and more complex issues developing.

Supportive Implant Care is usually carried out by our hygienists. We use the most advanced ultrasonic equipment with the EMS Airflow® Master with temperature control to heat the water and reduce sensitivity with treatments. Using the Perioflow® function makes it ideal to clean around Implants without damaging the Implant surface, Implant crown or the gum around an Implant.  

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At Neyo, clarity and honesty are at the forefront of our services. Any fees for treatments would likely be confirmed at the consultation stage, but we can provide this generalised breakdown of cost:

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What will happen on the day of my treatment?

Your appointment usually starts with a short examination and advice on ways to improve your oral health, prevent Implant gum disease (Peri-implantitis) or tooth decay and prevent sensitive teeth. State of the art equipment is used to professionally clean and polish your Implants, removing plaque, calculus (tartar) and staining. In some cases a local anaesthetic is placed into the gum to ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible.

How long does the treatment take?

The total treatment session generally takes 25-30 minutes.

Can this treatment damage my Implants?

No. The equipment used by our professionals does not cause damage to your Implants or teeth, fillings, veneers, crowns and bridges. We ask you to inform us of any loose teeth or fillings at your appointment.

Is the treatment painful or will I be in pain afterwards?

No. Sometimes there can be very short periods of sensitivity or mild discomfort during the treatment. You will not be in pain afterwards. Your mouth will feel healthier, cleaner and brighter after your appointment.  

How often should I have Supportive Implant Care?

Research has shown that people who are susceptible to periodontal disease benefit from Supportive Implant Care every 12 weeks (4 times a year) to maintain oral health and prevent Implant loss.

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