If you have minor orthodontic problems, removable braces in West Sussex may be the right solution for you. Neyo Dental Specialists in West Sussex provides orthodontic treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Unlike traditional braces or clear aligners for straightening teeth, removable braces are often used as a temporary solution or standalone treatment to correct minor alignment issues.

Patients in West Sussex can take advantage of a free consultation and find out if a removable brace is right for them. We’ll assess your suitability for orthodontic treatment and will recommend the best course of action.


In your 30-minute appointment, we will not only examine your teeth but also have a detailed conversation about potential treatments and associated costs. To analyse your concerns more accurately, we will conduct a 3D digital scan of your teeth during the appointment. This will enable us to closely inspect the issues together and provide you with an understanding of the transformations that are achievable.

Our clinic is based in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. Call us on 01444 523143 or email us at info@neyodental.co.uk to book your no-obligation consultation.

Braces Treatments West Sussex

Braces continue to be the go-to solution for teeth straightening. And we understand that removable appliances are an attractive option due to their convenience.

But not all types of braces will be suitable for everyone. That’s why it’s important to see an orthodontist for assessment, so you’ll be clear about what orthodontic options are open to you.

Fixed braces

For some patients, fixed appliances like metal braces may be the most suitable option for teeth straightening. Nowadays, braces are designed to provide minimal discomfort and are available with clear brackets and almost invisible wires, making them much more discreet.


Invisalign aligners are technically removable braces, however they still need to be worn for most of the day and even night. The aligners are made from clear plastic making them virtually invisible, and can be removed for eating and brushing.


It’s necessary to wear a retainer after having completed orthodontic treatment to prevent your teeth from moving back to their original position before treatment. You can opt for removable or fixed retainers, the latter being permanently attached to the back of your teeth.

Removable Braces: What You Need to Know

Removable braces are made from metal and acrylic are are specifically designed for the upper teeth. They are usually prescribed as a temporary solution before or after using fixed braces, but they can also be used to treat minor orthodontic issues like an underbite.

How they work

Removable braces easily fit over the palate and clip onto your upper teeth. The appliance contains wires and springs that your orthodontist can adjust to align your teeth as desired. You can take them out when you need to clean them, eat or tend to your oral health.

What are they used for?

These braces can address minor orthodontic issues without the need for fixed appliances. This is especially advantageous for patients who may not be ready for metal braces or only require small tooth adjustments. It’s possible to correct minor crookedness with removable braces for straighter teeth.

Are removable braces suitable for adults?

Most of the orthodontic issues faced by adult patients cannot be effectively treated with removable braces. If your goal is straighter teeth, other treatments may be more suitable for you.

What types of braces are available at Neyo Dental?

We specialise in all manner of dental care from orthodontics to periodontics and dental surgery. Prospective patients in West Sussex are welcome to book a no-obligation free consultation to come and discuss any dental concerns they may have.

Interested in Removable Aligners West Sussex?

Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience in orthodontics. Book a free consultation to see how we can transform your smile today.

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West Sussex is a beautiful county known for its stunning scenery and varied landscapes. From dramatic coastline to the ancient woodlands, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The county enjoys great accessibility to and from London. West Sussex provides a peaceful retreat from city life without having to travel too far.

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Arriving by Car:

Burgess Hill is an easy 5 minute drive from the A23. Church Road is a one way street and can only be accessed from the Station Road end. There is limited on-street parking available on Church Road itself and the surrounding streets and there are several public carparks including Waitrose carpark and Cyprus Road carpark. Church Road Carpark is the closest, and is accessed via a turning on the right in front of Lloyds bank on Church Road.

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Burgess Hill Station is located on Station Road and is a 2 minute walk from Neyo Dental Specialists. It is served by the Thameslink and Southern train operators and is easily accessible from London Victoria, London Bridge, Brighton, Gatwick Airport, and East Croydon.

Arriving by Plane:

The nearest airport to Burgess Hill is London Gatwick. The quickest and most convenient way to get to Burgess Hill from Gatwick Airport is to take a direct train from Gatwick Airport station to Burgess Hill station. The journey takes approximately 15 minutes, and trains run frequently throughout the day. Taxis are available at Gatwick Airport, and the journey to Burgess Hill takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on traffic.

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